The Company

About TopFX

Topfx is an international prime brokerage firm specializing in liquidity provision.


TopFX provides premium liquidity solutions for firms seeking confident entry into an increasingly competitive FX market, and for existing firms looking to enhance traditional prime brokerage capabilities.

Our Client Base

Our regions

  • Asia Pacific
  • Greater China
  • India
  • Japan
  • Latin America
  • Middle East & Africa
  • North America
  • North East
  • South East Europe
  • West Europe

NOP Limit $825 million

As part of TopFX’s risk management strategy, we place a strict limit on our total Net Open Positions of $825 million at any given time on Prime Brokers’ level.

Fund segregation

Client funds are deposited entirely into segregated TIER1 bank accounts according to the law. These accounts are off balance sheet and cannot be claimed by any creditors or used by TopFX for its own purposes.

Our Clients

TopFX Ltd attracts institutional clients (MiFID Eligible Counterparties) and private investors (categorised as professional clients under MiFID) who are interested in securing short and long-term gains from the FX market.

Fund security measures

Our fund security measures, high relative returns, and customer service standards have led us to currently service a big number of institutional clients worldwide and execute more than 800,000 deals per month via FIX API.


We deal exclusively with investment grade banks such as Barclays to ensure that any funds deposited with the TopFX carry the lowest possible credit risk.

Registered with 25 regulators

TopFX is required by law to meet stringent European financial regulations, and is registered with the regulators of 25 EU member states. For registration include capital adequacy requirements, submission of financial reports to the regulators, and the undertaking of a detailed annual audit performed by an independent auditor.