Corporate Governance

TopFX is a Foreign Exchange liquidity provider offering a wide range of trading technologies and investment service for brokers, prime brokers, hedge funds and other financial institutions.

We offer consistent access to liquid markets and competitive spreads, and we stay reliable even during volatitle market conditions, ensuring you remain competitive under all circumstances.

How we help you stay ahead of the competition:

  • Financial experience and expertise
  • Technological innovation

Our Operating Model

TopFX operates in high standards by providing outstanding support and assistance at every step in your pursuit of industry excellence, so you can rest assured you have a partner who has a vested interest in helping you reach your objectives.

Board of Directors

TopFX Board consists of 5 directors. Of these, two, are independent non-executive directors. A Board charter has been adopted where among others the responsibilities of the Board include:
  • Oversight of TopFX’s strategic direction
  • Approving major strategic plans
  • Exercising independent and objective judgement on the business
    affairs of the Company, independent of management
  • Ensuring that policies and procedures are in place for appropriate governance structures;
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of, and reporting on, the Company’s
    systems of internal controls
  • Review and evaluation of business risks
  • Approval of the annual budget and operating plan
  • Monitoring policies and procedures, internal controls, governance,
    risk management, ethics and authority levels
  • Approval of the annual and interim financial results and shareholder communications
  • Approval of senior management structure, responsibilities and
    succession plans


The Board takes overall responsibility for the actions and general wellbeing of the company. Its role is to exercise sound leadership and judgement in directing TopFX to achieve sustainable growth and act in the best interests of the shareholders at all times.

Board meetings

A minimum of four board meetings plus a strategy session are scheduled per fiscal year. Additional board meetings may be convened when necessary.