Actively Managed Funds

Quantitative Strategies

The strategy’s quantitative algorithms are specially designed for the foreign exchange market. These strategies attempt to benefit from high probability trading setups and deliver returns by investing in intra-day directional forecasts.

All TopFX investment strategies undergo a stringent review process before they are approved and made available to investors. This procedure involves determining how each strategy operates, and ensuring that it continues to function according to its parameters. In addition to this, each strategy is required to prove it can perform consistently by undergoing a trial period in which it is closely monitored.

Profits uncorrelated to benchmarks

Because our Quantitative Strategies are actively trading their performance is not correlated to any kind of benchmark, may be Stock, Indice or Bond.

Our Strategies actively grasp all long or short opportunities in the market.

Transparent Trading Performance

Using TopFX’s proprietary fund allocation software you see all advanced statistics and transparent past trading performance of each strategy, so you can choose the ones that fit your risk profile.

No long “Buy and Hold” Periods

In most traditional asset classes investors are required to hold their investment for long periods of time,suffering huge opportunity costs.

With actively traded strategies, trades last just a few hours and the funds are never locked into a position.

Real time progress in formation

The performance of your portfolio is updated real-time. It can be viewed using TopFX’s proprietary fund allocation software at your convenience.