FX Asset Class

Quantitative Strategies

Unlike Stocks which are traded on centralized exchanges that are open for 8 hours per day, Forex is traded on the interbank network which operates 24 hours per day on weekdays. There is no risk of opening gaps, trading is uninterrupted and the opportunities are endless.

The most Liquid Market

With roughly $4 trillion exchanging hands every day, FX volume by far eclipses that of the equity and futures markets combined. The high number of buyers and sellers on either side contributes to more gradual trends, in contrast to the sharp fluctuations that can categorize stock trading in times of uncertainty.

Not controlled by a single entity

Unlike every other investment market, foreign exchange is not under central control. As a result, there’s no room for manipulation or ‘insider trading’.

There is no single entity in the world with enough liquidity to control the Forex market. News in Forex are free and equally available to all investors.

No Default risk

Most country bonds and many stocks face serious Default risks. History has proven however that major currencies traded by TopFX do not face any Default risk.

No Market Bias

In the financial markets there is a statistically proven positive Bias. However because of this bias there are many periods that are inappropriate for investing.

Forex shows no such bias and is open for exploit from mathematical quantitative methods. TopFX has taken advantage of this fact and is offering you top quality of quantitative strategies.