Strategy Description

Objectives and Investment Policy

  • The Strategy aims to generate a high return of investment compared to income yield by European equities or bonds.
  • The Strategy invests only on Foreign Exchange. The Strategy’s returns are made by speculating on the future difference of the Exchange Rate between world currencies. The profit is made by selling previously held devaluated currencies when they become appreciated.
  • The Strategy is a quantitative high frequency strategy that is monitored by professional traders. The decisions on which currencies to buy or sell are based on quantitative criteria.
  • You may redeem your investment on demand on daily basis.


Name:Volatility Growth Strategy
Type:Foreign Exchange
ISIN:Awaiting for ISIN
Sector:FX Majors / Minor CCY Pairs
Strategy type:High Frequency Trading
Objective:To provide capital growth by selling appreciated
currencies and buying depreciated currencies
Launch date:January 2014

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Information Document (KIID)

KIID – TopFX Volatility Growth Strategy

2 Year Strategy Performance


One off charges taken before or after you invest
Entry ChargeNone
Exit ChargeNone
Charges taken from over a year
Ongoing ChargesNone
Charges Taken under certain specific conditions
Performance fee30%
  • Minimum deposit USD 150.000 or equivalent.
  • There are no entry or exit charges.
  • The ongoing charges are none.
  • The performance fee is applied to the net profit achieved from investing in the Strategy. A high watermark is applied, ony net profits that exceed the watermark are chargeable.


  • The risk and reward category may shift over time and is not a target or a guarantee.
  • The lowest category (i.e. Category 1) does not mean a risk-free investment
  • The Strategy is in Category 5 because of the high frequency of trade execution

Modern Asset Management

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