cTrader Startup Special Offer

The cTrader Startup Special Offer from TopFX includes the two most important elements you need to start your brokerage with this incredible two-in-one offer:

  • 1. The Best Trading Platform Suite
  • 2. Tier 1 Liquidity Solution

By combining these two vital components we have created an exclusive offer which is more affordable and far superior to any other deal you will find on this planet and has a limited availability for only qualifying companies.

Why Choose the cTrader Startup Special Offer?

The cTrader Startup Special Offer gives you the best price, the best technology, the best terms, the best support and ultimately the best chance of success.

This exclusive package has been priced aggressively to give new market entrants the head start they need in this competitive industry. From launch you will be offering a premium trading environment on par with the world's leading ECN brokers already offering the cTrader Suite.

With us you do not compromise any liberties and you are always in full control of your business. This package comes without the limitations or lock periods which are typical of similar packages.

What’s Included?

Through the collaboration of Spotware and TopFX this exclusive deal includes the following two products combined as a single package, saving you 60%!

1. The Best Trading Platform Suite
For a fraction of the price Spotware will deliver the entire cTrader Suite fully branded with your logo and theme. Your traders will have access to your cTrader, cTrader Web, cTrader for iOS & Android, cMirror and cAlgo platforms along with Spotware’s many support sites. You will have access to your own cBroker which is full of marketing, administration and management tools.

2. The Best Tier 1 Liquidity Solution
Your cTrader Suite will be connected to TopFX’s premium Tier 1 liquidity solution via FIX API to give your traders deep and stable liquidity with consistently tight spreads.

Who is this for?

This solution is only available for committed and promising startups, it enables the qualifying companies, investors or individuals to quickly and simply enter the thriving e-FX & CFD industry without making any compromises. This package has been designed for and encourages your growth and progression therefore a short evaluation is required prior to accepting any new client.

To take advantage of this exclusive, limited, one of a kind offer, contact us to see if you qualify:

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